1. Agency’s fee is contingent upon collection and will be only 10%of the amount assigned and collected.
  2. The fee is 50%on small balances under 3000 and if legal action is taken.
  3. Agency offers a No Collection/No Fee Policy which means that the Client don’t want pay until we collect the debt. We will not charge a set-up fee or require any up-front fees from the client.
  4. Agency will follow up Client in the week following the week in which the funds are received from debtor.
  5. Agency will provide a comprehensive status report to Client upon request.
  6. Agency will provide a prompt accounting information for any account upon request.
  7. All accounts, where the mail has been returned, will undergo tokeep tracing efforts to establish new addresses. This will be accomplished using state-of-the-art computers accessing databases from various sources including, but not limited to credit bureaus, public records and independent investigative services at no additional cost.
  8. Agency will use its best effort to collect all debts assigned to us for debt collection.We will present to Client all reasonable settlement offers for approval.
  9. Agency will use its own in-house attorney when legal action is needed to collect the debts and will advance all normal and customary court fees and legal charges. Agency will be reimbursed out of first debt collected.
  10. Agency will conduct in-depth asset searches in order to execute judgments entered and assigned to Agency for collection without any additional cost.
  11. Agency will utilize the most effective methods for the transfer of funds to the client to make the process efficient and easy.
  12. Agency will perform due diligence monitoring of debts assigned where there has no activity.
  13. The Client should provide all the documents related to the customers